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Activities 2018-19


Abacus Regional Competition 2019 (Winners)

Parin Jobalia          (IA) 1st
Lekisha Gupte        (IB) 3rd
Meghraj Tanna       (IID) 1st
Aditya Atthawale   (IIIE) 3rd

Cyber Genius 2018-19 ( Interschool LOGO Programming Contest)

3 students of Std IV participated in the interschool Cyber Genius LOGO programming competition held at Shamarao Kalmadi School, Erandwane and secured the following prizes.

Dweep Porwal – 2nd prize

Ishan Chettri – 4th prize

Swaraj M Kulkarni

         1) Secured gold medal in both Kata and Kumite events for Brown belt (10 years) in B.C.M.A All India Open National Karate Championship 2018 organized by Blitz Crick Martial Art Association.

2) Participated in TS Shotokan Karate Do National Championship 2019 organized by Traditional and sports Shotokan Karate Association of India and stood first in Individual Sub-Senior Kumite and Kata events in 28 kg weight category.

Advita Lunawat  

Participated in the drawing competition conducted by Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education society in Azam Campus, Pune and secured first position in Group A category

Suhani Oswal

Participated in 9th Modern pentathlon National Championships 2018 (Biathle/Triathle) organized by Modern Pentathlon Association of Maharashtra.

Ishan Chettri

Participated in the drawing competition conducted by Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education society in Azam Campus, Pune and secured first position in Group B category.

Gargi V Shejvalkar

         Secured second position in Zig-zag race and high jump conducted by Maharashtriya Mandal Vyayamshala, Tilak Road, Pune.

Kavin R Gaunder

         Participated in Open Roller Speed skating championship 2018 in Inline category representing A1 Roller skating club (under 6).

Mugdha Bhamre

  1. Participated in Open Roller Speed skating championship 2018 in Inline category representing A1 Roller skating club (under 6).
  2. Participated in the 5 hours non-stop skating rally by Sports city, Pune, Maharashtra.
  3. Secured second rank in the under 6 11th Interschool speed skating championship 2018 organized by Fighter skate..


Measles-Rubella vaccination awareness programme

           As a part of the nationwide campaign to eliminate measles and rubella from India by 2020, an interactive awareness programme has been organized by the school for all the parents of Nursery and Primary School from the 4th to the 7th of December 2018. Dr. Shetty and his team from the Pune Cantonment Hospital addressed the gathering of parents and cleared the doubts, myths and misconceptions about the vaccination drive.  

Childrens Day 2018

The Childrens’ day was organized on the 30th of November 2018. As usual B.N.N. Dastur Primary School surprised the kids and parents with spectacular and jaw dropping decoration to welcome them. The animals created using planter pots made the kids linger around the welcome area.

        Children participated in the games arranged by teachers in the classrooms and won exciting prizes along with the gift from the school. Hands on experience on various brain games, puzzles, books and other brain stimulating activities were organized by the school in association with Smart Champs. The vast variety in activities and diverse levels kept the children busy and moving from one play area to other. The school could create a galaxy of unforgettable experiences and a memorable day for the kids.

Workshops and Training Programs for Teachers


  • Emergency Evacuation

A recap of the evacuation procedures was conducted on the 2nd of November 2018. The emergency evacuation drill conducted so far on the campus was analyzed, discussed and corrective measures were suggested to make it effective.

  • Creating opportunities 

A one day workshop on creating opportunities necessary for skill development was conducted on 29th October 2018 by Mr. Ravindra Naik of  Smart Champs. The highlight was a reiteration of the fact that it is necessary and essential to provide a wide range and variety of opportunities which offers different levels of difficulty to students that can make them feel ‘I can’ and ‘I could’.      

  • First Aid and CPR

A 3 days Training Program on First Aid was conducted for teachers by the Red Cross Society of India, Pune District Branch from the 24th to 26th of October 2018. 20 teachers from both the Pre-Primary and Primary section participated in the extensive program. There were elaborate sessions on how to handle various medical emergencies that can occur in school. Theoretical, visual and demonstrative sessions gave in-depth knowledge of emergency situations and the immediate measures to be taken to prevent further damage and promote recovery. The training concluded with a written, oral and practical assessment to evaluate the preparedness of the participants. The successful participants received certificates from the Red Cross Society of India.

  • Ergonomics                                                                                                               A workshop on methods to enhance student/teacher capabilities in relationship to the work environment - Ergonomics was held on 23rd    October 2018 by Dr. Smita Ingle, Deputy Director (Physiotherapy Occupational Therapy, Ruby Hall Clinic). The workshop created awareness on the importance of a physically comfortable work environment and enlightened the teachers on the significance and effect of making minor adjustments/changes in the work environment to get maximum output. 

Activity Day 5.10.18

Children welcomed the day with renewed vigor and fervor. The day was marked with a wide range of co-curricular activities. Every child got an opportunity to participate in many activities of their choice. The activities were designed to stimulate their spatial intelligence, scientific, logical, reasoning and linguistic skills. categorized The activities included storytelling, poetry recitation, elocution, enacting, science experiments, working models of battery-operated and manual devices, innovative application of scientific techniques, pot and diya decoration and painting, origami, drawing, painting, word art, 3D drawing,  sketching etc. Children also participated in different levels of Sudoku puzzle solving and logical reasoning skill tests.

On the whole the day gave kids an opportunity to learn and at the same time experiment with, explore and exhibit their non-academic abilities. The quality of involvement and participation revealed how eagerly the kids were looking forward for the day and the amount of effort that each child had put in to prepare himself/herself for the day.

Mom, Dad and Me (4.10.18)

Pre-Nursery parents along with their wards participated enthusiastically in the various indoor and outdoor events organised by the school. The activities included Colouring for the child, logical reasoning challenge for father, spot the difference for mother and races involving the whole family. Children watched their parents, especially dads, completing their tasks sincerely. Moms were seen encouraging and directing both the child and dad in completing their task.

School Choir Performance

Our school choir performed at the festival of school choirs organized by the Pune Musicale at Mahatma Phule Sanskrutik Bhavan, Fatimanagar on 25th September 2018. This festival is held every year to promote choir singing in schools. 34 schools participated this year and performed over a period of 3 days. Our school choir sang the song titled “The wishy washy washer woman” and won the audience with their melodious singing and lively, entertaining performance.

Founders Day 21.09.18

Founders day was celebrated by the school with a lot of joy and zeal. Children had fun participating in activities like Chinese Whispers, Marathi handwriting, birthday card making etc. The school was decked up for the occasion.


Kavin R Gaunder of UKG participated in the 11th inter school speed skating championship 2018 and secured 2nd Rank in inline skating (Under 6).

Teachers Day 2018

Children of Standard II put up a special assembly on 4th September for the teachers.

5th September was celebrated as ‘Teachers day’ as a mark of tribute to the contributions made by teachers to the children and to the school. The school was decorated to welcome the teachers and were greeted. After the felicitation program at the Mazda Hall, the teachers were taken for a trip to the War memorial; it was then followed by lunch. Teachers left the campus with a lot of memories to cherish forever. 

Creative corner………Budding poet……

I study in B.N.N. Dastur Primary School,

where all my teachers are cool.

No admission for a fool.

Discipline is a golden rule.

My Principal is very kind,

with a progressive mind.

With my teacher’s ability here

I enjoy study and play.

May my school progress everyday,

this is what I always pray.

                                  Raymond Dhanda (IIA)


Joy of Sharing ( 23.08.18)

        The catastrophic floods in Kerala prompted the school to once again initiate the school’s reach-out program “Joy of sharing” to extend support to the flood relief work. Parents and students of the school proved yet another time that they do care for their brothers and sisters who are in need of their help in any part of the country. Children donated food grains, pulses, sugar, salt, biscuits, medicines, soap, detergent, toothpaste, brush, clothes etc. wholeheartedly for the noble cause.

Independence Day Activities for students (10.08.18)

       As part of the Independence Day Celebrations, the school organized various activities for all the children of Pre-Primary and Class I to IV. The activities were aimed to ignite patriotic fervour in your kids. Activities were conducted class wise to ensure that all the children participate in the events.

  • Pre-Primary children participated in Tri-colour ( dove), Tri-colour ( kite ) and Passing the tri-colour activities.
  • Class I to IV attended a special assembly presented by the IV A students.
  • Class I to IV also participated in jigsaw puzzle activity.


1) Aryan Rao of Std. III secured 4th Place in the Maharashtra State selection Under 11 FIDE Rating Chess Championship 2018 organized by All Marathi Chess Association.

2) Shree Bhokare of Std III participated in the Summer Swimming Competition 2018 organized by PMC and secured First Position ( Butterfly, Under 8), Third Position ( Free style, Under 8 ) and Third position ( Butterfly, Under 10 ).

3) Rhea Dastur of Std. I participated in the Annual Swimming Competition organized by Poona Parsi Gymkhana and secured First Position.

      Rhea Dastur also participated in the Nelda Tree Plantation and Nurturing Activity ( January – May 2018 ) held at Hanuman Tekdi.   

4)  Suhani Oswal of Std. IV participated in the Summer Gala 2018 swimming ( 50 meters free style Under 9) competition organized by Shark Aquatic club, Pune and secured Second position.

5)  Swaraj Kulkarni of Std. IV successfully participated and completed the World Record with 381 students in the India Official attempt of most students performed Taekwondo/Karate punches in 30 min. The group set a New World Record on 22nd April 2018 at Mathurawala Sports Ground, Wanwadi, Pune.

  • Yoga Day

          Yoga Day was celebrated on the 21st of June 2018. Class wise Yoga sessions for the Primary as well as the Pre-Primary students were held in the morning. Sports teachers lead the students in performing various yoga asanas.

  • Orientation Programme (Pre-Nursery)

           An Orientation programme for the Pre-Nursery Parents was conducted on the 15th and the 18th of June 2018. General instructions on the day-to-day functioning of the school were given to the parents and their queries were addressed. The gathering was also addressed by the Principal.



Activities 2017-18

Inter-school Yoga and Malkhamb competitions

      Children from Class I, II, III and IV participated in the Yoga competitions conducted by Pune Sports Academy and Malkhamb competitions conducted by Pune Sports Academy under Pune District Association on the 4th of February 2018.

        Shreya Gadge (IA) finished 4th in Yoga (U-8) competition. 

Pre-Nursery Sports Day (01.02.18)

      Various sports events like bottle balancing and obstacle race were conducted on the occasion of the Pre-Nursery Sports Day. Our tiny tots negotiated the tunnels and jumped on and flew over various hurdles on the track to complete the obstacle race.  

Primary Inter-school Competitions by Maharashtriya Mandal

       Children from Class II, III and IV participated in the Maharashtriya Mandal Primary Inter-school competitions that were organized on the 30th and 31st of January 2018.

        Arya Deokar of Class IV D secured the Ist Position and won gold medal and Rs. 500 cash prize in the running race (Under 10 category).

Inter-class Competitions (25.01.18)

Class I  -  Recitation (Flowers )

First Position

Sonakshi (I E)

Second Position

Param Bhandari ( I C )

Third Position

Jainam ( I A)


Class II - Recitation (Colours )

First Position

Abdulqadir Poonawala (II A)

Second Position

Taneeshtha Deshpande ( II D )

Third Position

Fardun Ghyara ( II B )


Class III - Debate (Can computers replace books)

First Position

Janhavi Mehta ( III D )

Second Position

Aditya Shindekar ( III C )

Third Position

Gargi Kadam ( III A )


Class IV - Debate (Should Television be installed

           in the bedroom)

First Position

Aqsa Patel ( IV D )

Second Position

Diya Kadam ( IV B )

Third Position

Manas Nawlakha ( IV A )

          Republic Day 2018 was celebrated with great pomp and revere by the school. Welcome address was delivered by Principal ma’am and thereafter the National flag was hoisted. Teaching and the non-teaching staff performed various cultural activities to pay respect to our country’s achievers and achievements. The cultural activities included patriotic dance by the Pre-Primary teachers and patriotic songs by the Primary, Pre-Primary and the non-teaching staff.Republic Day 2018

Farewell Party

         A farewell party was organized by the school for the outgoing Class IV students on the 19th of January 2018. The theme of the day was “The Universe” and the school was decorated to welcome the children with glimpses from the solar system in 3D. The day was made memorable by the performances by teachers and the support staff. Activities like tambola and DJ music were arranged for the children. An Astronomy outreach program with a 360 degree full Dome planetarium show by Dr. Udayshri Pardesi was another attraction of the day. Mr. Peter Viegas and Ms. Sheetal Janhavi provided hands on experience to the children in playing D’jembe (a percussion instrument). Principal gave away prizes to the winners of tambola. Snacks were arranged for the children during the break.    

Cyber Genius 2017-18 (Inter-school Programming competition)

         Students of Class III and IV participated in the Paint and LOGO programming competitions organised by Dr. Kalmadi Shamrao High School, Pune. The following students brought laurels to the school in both the categories. 

        1) Sarthak Khomane (III C) secured Ist Prize in MSPaint.

     2) Rishika Agarwal (IV D) secured 2nd Prize in LOGO Programming.

Workshop for teachers

      Computer teacher attended the workshop conducted by Kips which gave an insight into the latest development in terms of software in the field of school computer education and in treating computer as a tool rather than just a subject. 

A talk for parents

       A talk by doctors from N.M. Wadia Institute of Cardiology, Pune on “A healthy child to a healthy adult” was organized by the school for the parents of all Classes from Pre-Nursery to Std. IV. The talks were held from the 8th to the 11th of January 2018. The doctors stressed upon the need to take initiatives by the parents to bring about change in the unhealthy life style of kids to ensure that our country stops heading towards being an obese and diabetic capital of the world.

  Christmas Celebration

       Christmas was celebrated on the 22nd of December. Christmas decoration and New Year greetings on the lawn welcomed children as they entered the campus.  Nativity play, carols and Santa in the special assembly provided an enriching experience to the children. Parents also appreciated the school's effort in making the day a special one. 

Robotics Show

       A workshop on Robotics was organised in the school on 22.12.17. Children were exposed to the vast possibilities of robotic technology and got a first hand information on how man is progressing towards crafting Artificial Intelligence.

Live Human Chess Competition

       Human Chess was organised on 19th of December 2017 to generate interest and encourage active participation in learning this game of mental agility. The chess competion was conducted with children in the place of pieces. The movement of the pieces were led by the team leaders Aadit and Aarush. The event got a positive response from all quarters. The game could instill a passion for chess, create an atmosphere that allowed our pupils to connect to the game  and introduce them to the history of chess while also teaching them the basic rules of the game. Members of the trust also were present for the competition to encourage the players.

Computer Day 12.12.2017

       As part of Computer education, Computer club activities are conducted every day for the students to explore their skills. Children work on LOGO, Flash and PowerPoint to prepare projects for the software display and also sharpen their minds for the Computer Quiz. The Computer Day is an occasion which marks the culmination of over 5 months of research, reading and learning that involves the intelligence, logical and programming skills.

         Software Display on LOGO, Flash and PowerPoint and Computer Quiz were the highlights of the day. Parents of the participants and PTA members were present to witness the events.

Mom Dad and Me 08.12.17

       Pre-Primary parents along with their wards participated whole-heartedly in the various indoor and outdoor events organised by the school. The activities included Colouring, craft work and races. Children watched their parents, especially dads, completing their tasks sincerely. Moms were seen encouraging and directing both child and dad in making their creation attractive.

 Joy of Sharing 13.11.17

       Conceptualized by The PTA, Joy of Sharing was truly a moment of sharing and caring. It was an opportunity to encourage our children to share toys, clothes, stationery items, shoes etc with the under privileged ones by donating the same. Children and parents of Pre-Primary as well as Primary whole heartedly supported the cause.



  • Creating opportunities       

A one day workshop on creating opportunities necessary for skill development was conducted on 29th October 2018 by Mr. Ravindra Naik of  Smart Champs. The highlight was a reiteration of the fact that it is necessary and essential to provide a wide range and variety of opportunities which offer different levels of difficulty to students that can make them feel ‘I can’ and ‘I could’.