Bai Najamai Nosherwan Dastur Primary & Nursery School
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Recommendations to Parents
  • Parents are expected to co-operate with the School authorities by enforcing punctuality, regularity, personal cleanliness and discipline by seeing that their children prepare their lessons and by taking an active and helpful interest in the activities of the School.

  • Only Parents / Guardians must come to collect the Report Cards and attend the meetings and Open Parents Day from time to time. Report Cards will not be given to any other person except parents /guardians.

  • Parents and guardian are specially requested to notify the School of any change in their address, or telephone numbers.

  • To make sure that the child remains healthy, parents are requested to pack home - made nutritious food and provide clean water for drinking.

  • Whenever School excursion / educational tours are taken out, the School authorities will not be responsible for the safety of your child though every precaution will be taken in that respect. The relative form of Declaration for the Educational Tour must be submitted by the Parents / Guardians to the Principal /Class Teacher duly filled in before proceeding for the Educational Tour. The date/s and place/s of the Educational Tour will be informed to Parents / Guardians when decided.

  • Parents cannot dictate to the School authorities but the School authorities have a right to say on what conditions they with admit and retain pupils in the School.

  • Parents are not allowed to interfere in any manner in the administration and / or the day to day administrative policy of the school.

  • If a pupil gets unwell after coming to School, then the child will be allowed to go home only if the parent comes to collect the pupil, after receiving a call or SMS from the school office.

  • In order to keep the parents well informed about their child and important school activities, the school must be provided with the current/operational mobile number of either parent. The parents are requested to intimate the school any change in mobile/contact number, since the school will be sending information by SMS only, on the numbers provided to the school.

  • The School management views the heavy weight of bags carried by the students with great concern. Hence parents are requested to purchase their school bags weighing not more than 300 to 500 gms (net weight). Also the teachers will provide a list of note books / text books and other accessories to be carried in their school bag.